Afrika Charity

Arika Charity Token (AFK) Takes on Genocide and Slavery Restitution Now Available on UNISWAP

The AFK is a unique charity token created to address historic wrongs in Africa such as slavery, imperialism, and neocolonialism created by the Afrika Foundation Trust. The AFK directly supports legal cases and projects that will address the root cause of neocolonialism and underdevelopment in Africa such as:

What makes this token different is that the initial beneficiary, the African based NGO Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS) has already been chosen. The OEAS in turn will use proceeds to launch legal advocacy directed at the slave trade and historic genocide.

The first case planned is a complex legal claim against Belgium and others seeking restitution for the profits of genocide from Congo Free State, an independent state owned by King Leopold and private investors 1885-1908. In a never ending quest for profits from rubber, ivory and gold, over ten million Congolese were killed on behalf of shareholders in the venture. Incredibly, OEAS has discovered that securities from this genocide are still traded on the Paris Euronext exchange.

AFK is a remediation token for individuals, groups and companies seeking to actively mitigate past injustices such as participation in the slave trade, human rights violations, and colonialism – holding AFK tokens is a tangible and visible proof of active support and ongoing commitment for activities that remediate past injustices in Africa.

AFK tradeable asset representing a social justice credit that will function similarly to a tradeable carbon credit.

AFK is an ERC-20 token available on the UNISWAP Exchange – contract address:



This token is not for sale in the United States, or to its persons or residents or any jurisdiction where rules or laws restrict or prevent sale or possession by the purchaser. Any such purchase will be void. Statements contained in this document may constitute forward-looking statements or speak to future events or plans. Such forward-looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause occurring events to actually differ.

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